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Subpages (16): An Analysis of the European Union’s Foreign Policy challenges in the Middle East Civil Liability of Oil Companies for Environmental Damages. (Comparative Study of UK and Iraq-Kurdistan Region)" Collective Civil Liability of Similar Products Damages - Analytical and Comparative Study- Comparative study of some biomechanical variables and electrical muscular activity for shooting basketball players from jumping with or without defense Completion of Criminal Evidence in National and International Law Dyslexia Among Kurdish Students; University Students as an Example EFFECTS OF TRAINING PROGRAM ON SOME OF PHYSIOLOGICAL, PHYSICAL AND SKILLS VARIABLES OF SEINER FEMALE FUTSAL PLAYERS IMPACT OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC, SOCIO-POLITIC AND LANDSCAPE STRUCTURE ON LAND USE / LAND COVER IN HALGURD-SAKRAN NATIONAL PARK, KURIDSTAN REGION-IRAQ, USING REMOTE SENSING AND GIS Knowledge Management in Sports Marketing for Sport Organizations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq ORGANIC PETROGRAPHY, MINERALOGY, ROCK-EVAL PYROLYSIS OF NAOKELEKAN FORMATION AND HYDROCARBON GENERATION HISTORY IN UPPER TRIASSIC-JURASSIC SEQUENCES IN KURDISTAN REGION, IRAQ Phytoremediation of Municipal Wastewater by Some Native Aquatic Plants in Soran-Kurdistan Region of Iraq The Effect of Aerobic and Anaerobic effort on lipid peroxidation and some antioxidants and relations with lactate and Creatine kinase and some mineral elements in blood The stylistic structures of the contemporary Arabic poetry components written about Kurds and Kurdistan- An analytical study "Towards Structuring a Legal Framework for Orphan Works in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: A Comparative Study" Ultrastructural and Molecular Characterization of Sarcocystis species (Lankester, 1882) Isolated from Domestic Sheep and Goats in Soran City, Erbil-Iraq Water-based Nanofluid EOR in Carbonate Reservoirs Using Green Synthesized Nanocomposites