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Contract Supply of Electronic Smoking Products and its Responsibility ( Analytical and Comparative Study )

Cycle of study: ماستەر Master

Title in English:
 Contract Supply of Electronic Smoking Products  and its Responsibility ( Analytical and Comparative Study )
Title (in original language): عقد تجهيز مىتجات التدخين الالكتروني والمسؤولية الناجمة عنها (دراسة تحليلية مقارنة)
Thesis\Dissertation Language: عربی Arabic

Author(s): هیوا محمد صابر
Supervisor(s): أ.د. أوميد صباح عثمان

University: Soran University
Facultyفاکەڵتی یاسا، زانستە سیاسییەکان، و بەڕێوەبردن Faculty of Law, Political Science, and Management
Department: قانون 
Field of study: قانون الخاص
Year of completion: 2019

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Abstract in English: 
"That tobacco companies through technology has transformed the tobacco industry from primitive agricultural products into manufacturing industries, as a result, there are two main types of smoking products, the first is the normal smoking products, such as regular cigarettes, which technology stands at the limit of production without interrupting the mechanism of smoking, the second is the electronic smoking products, which not only stop the technology at the production limit but also interfere in the mechanism of use, this has led to the emergence of e-smoking products, namely electronic nicotine delivery systems such as electronic cigarettes or heated tobacco products. The supply of these products is through a contract for the supply of electronic smoking products, which includes both the consumer, the supplier (the producer, the distributor, the importer or the seller). As for the effects of this contract, the obligations established by this contract are the responsibility of both parties, as for the supplier, his professional status has an impact on the contractual process, which obliges the supplier to undertake obligations in the pre-contract phase such as the obligation to inform, as well as note its impact in the form of the contract such as the obligation to warn and ensure safety and ensure defects. Civil liability resulting from the damages of e-smoking products is realized by the availability of its three components, namely the reason for liability (fault or defect in the product), damage and causality."