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The Role Of Financial Legislation In The Protection Of National Security (Comparative Legal Analysis)

Cycle of study: ماستەر Master  

Title in English:
 The Role Of Financial Legislation In The Protection Of National Security (Comparative Legal Analysis) 
Title (in original language): دور التشريعات المالية في حماية الامن القومي (دراسة تحليلية قانونية مقارنة) 
Thesis\Dissertation Language: عربی Arabic  

Author(s):حسن عبدالله سعيد 
Supervisor(s): أ.م.د حيدر صلاحدين عارف

University: Soran University
Facultyفاکەڵتی یاسا، زانستە سیاسییەکان، و بەڕێوەبردن Faculty of Law, Political Science, and Management
Department: Law 
Field of study: قانون العام 
Year of completion2019 

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Abstract in English: 
 The concept of financial legislation is usually devoted to the concepts of public expenditure from a legal point of view, and the criteria of financial jurisprudence to distinguish between them and the private expense, as well as its rules, images and types, as well as to public revenues in terms of types of domains, public price, fee, public loan and tax. The financial legislation also deals in detail with the general budget as theoretical and legislative provisions in terms of its concept, legal nature, rules and stages organized according to the legal legislations. The foregoing does not refer only to the concept of financial legislation in its narrow scope. Financial legislation is broader than this definition. Constitutional provisions of an economic and financial nature, as well as laws regulating economic activity, real and digital, as well as regulations, regulations, instructions and decisions regulating everything related to the economy. The legislation is the first official source of financial law, and the legislation can be basic, ordinary, or subsidiary. Such as rules on the formulation, implementation and control of the public budget, as well as on taxation, fees or exemption, as well as on the holding of loans. , most of the rules of financial law are found in ordinary legislation, such as income tax laws, as well as the general budget laws commercial bookkeeping for tax purposes. Financial legislation also derives some of its rules from international financial agreements such as the convention on the prevention of double taxation or the prevention of evasion. Based on the existence of the legislative system for the economy, the legislator, as well as the executive branch, in order to correct any imbalance in the economic system, and to combat what may threaten economic security and thus possible violations of these violations or threats to state security or society is enacting laws to punish what might be called “Economic Crimes”. What is important to us in this study is not those laws regulating financial activities or practice, but there are financial legislation of another kind are those that try to reduce financial practices that harm the economy, or society, and may adversely affect the security of the state.